STAT3009: Q&A

STAT3009: Q&A

Q: Why do we need so much math in RS?

Through the framework provided by machine learning, we can develop a range of novel models, ranging from baseline models to matrix factorization (MF) models. The resolution of these novel models necessitates the derivation of algorithms through mathematical computation.

Q: Do I need to understand all the details of mathematics / coding in the lecture?

During the class, I will illustrate the intricacies of all the methods, hence a grasp of mathematics is requisite. However, STAT3009 does not demand a comprehensive understanding of all the mathematical details or the intricacies of coding. Paramount is your ability to utilize these already developed classes or software after being introduced to them.

In fact, if you maintain sufficient patience, you will find that these mathematical concepts are not difficult to understand. I believe that understanding them will be beneficial for you.