(*) denotes equal contribution


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    ReHLine: Regularized Composite ReLU-ReHU Loss Minimization with Linear Computation and Linear Convergence
    Ben* Dai, and Yixuan* Qiu
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    RankSEG: A Consistent Ranking-based Framework for Segmentation
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    Supervised Knowledge May Hurt Novel Class Discovery Performance
    ZIYUN LI, Jona Otholt, Ben Dai, and 3 more authors
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    Data-adaptive discriminative feature localization with statistically guaranteed interpretation
    Ben Dai, Xiaotong Shen, Lin Yee Chen, and 2 more authors
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  5. CVPR
    ImbaGCD: Imbalanced Generalized Category Discovery
    Ziyun Li, Ben Dai, Furkan Simsek, and 2 more authors
    In The 2nd Workshop on Computer Vision in the Wild, CVPR 2023, 2023


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    Full Poincaré polarimetry enabled through physical inference
    Chao He, Jianyu Lin, Jintao Chang, and 8 more authors
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    Significance tests of feature relevance for a black-box learner
    Ben Dai, Xiaotong Shen, and Wei Pan
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    Revealing complex optical phenomena through vectorial metrics
    Chao He, Jintao Chang, Patrick S Salter, and 8 more authors
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    Coupled Generation
    Ben Dai, Xiaotong Shen, and Wing Wong
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  5. JASA
    Embedding learning
    Ben Dai, Xiaotong Shen, and Junhui Wang
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    Scalable collaborative ranking for personalized prediction
    Ben Dai, Xiaotong Shen, Junhui Wang, and 1 more author
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    Two-level monotonic multistage recommender systems
    Ben Dai, Xiaotong Shen, and Wei Pan
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  3. EJS
    Sentiment analysis with covariate-assisted word embeddings
    Shirong Xu, Ben Dai, and Junhui Wang
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    Smooth neighborhood recommender systems
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